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Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

If you’re looking for a page-turning thriller, this is the book for you! I read it compulsively, tearing through the chapters, impatient to get to its unguessable end. When I finally did, I snapped the cover shut, a chill shuddering up my spine. Then, like Joey from Friends, I wanted to slam it into the freezer so the big, bad book could not get me.

Behind Her Eyes is the story of Louise, a single mom in a rut. When she has a romantic encounter with a charming stranger at a bar one night, Louise feels a ray of hope for her faltering personal life. But at work the following Monday, she is mortified to discover that her charming fling, David, is also her new boss. Shortly after this revelation, Louise meets David’s wife, Adele, and they forge an unexpected friendship. David and Adele are like from out of a movie – affluent, gorgeous, and cultured – but the more Louise gets to know them, the more this picture seems like a facade. She is fascinated by them and addicted to their company, but as David and Adele’s marriage begins to unravel, Louise finds herself in the dark center of their tangled relationship, unsure where her loyalty should lie.

Behind Her Eyes is a fever dream of a novel – unpredictable, strange, wildly imaginative – and you just might want a freezer nearby to stick it in when you get scared.



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