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Bird Box by Josh Malerman

casual dating in denver Get snug under a blanket, steep of cup of tea, and put Fireplace for Your Home on repeat because you will not be able to put this thriller down. And I also recommend locking all the doors because it will probably scare the pants off you too. Bird Box is an addictive, terrifying, riveting read. It’s so good I don’t even recommend saving it for next Halloween. Read it now.

rencontre gouvernement syndicat au faso It started with an over-broadcasted, seemingly random story: A man in Russia, unprovoked, attacked his friend, pulling him apart with his bare fingers, and then took his own life. But slowly the world started to see a trend. People all over the globe were being suddenly driven to gruesome violence followed by horrific suicides. And in the following months, this odd epidemic spread like wildfire. What was causing it, people finally came to understand, was something those people were seeing. They would see something and then tear themselves apart. Five years into this terrifying new world, Malorie and her two young children are barely surviving. Malorie has decided to escape what was once a safe home of survivors, but is now and empty house full of painful memories and isolation. She must get her children safely to the river where there is a boat and the uncertain promise of a better home. But when your greatest vulnerability is your own sight, the world around you is a unnerving place to be.

go site Told through chapters that weave the past and the present, Bird Box is a fresh new perspective on the apocalypse and how humanity can either come together during it or crumble. While it is nightmarish and creepy, it’s also hopeful. Malerman focuses on the psychological challenges of this unfathomable new world instead of the gruesome consequences of it, which makes for a palatable and enjoyable reading experience.

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