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Chemistry by Weike Wang

Chemistry is a little sliver of a novel that concisely and delightfully explores the choice we all have to make between doing what is expected of us or doing what we want.

When the emotionally frustrated narrator (never referring to herself by name) has a panic attack during one of her graduate classes at Boston University, she is forced to slow down and assess her life. And though she has studied science for years, and though she loves her boyfriend, she comes to realize perhaps a future with both these things may not be what she truly wants after all.

But she is getting pressure from all sides. Her Chinese-American parents want her to get a graduate degree. Her boyfriend wants her to be his wife. And she has expectations for herself that have been ingrained since childhood. In Chemistry, Wang explores the balancing act that is life wryly and thoughtfully. This is a fun, quirky, insightful novel of self-discovery and a perfect read to break a reading rut or get a change of pace!



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