That Bookish Life

My Radio Debut Well. I’ve made my radio debut! This month I appeared as a guest on the APL Volumes talk show to chat about my experience with the Austin Public Library’s social media ambassador program and A Book to Love. I was thrilled by the invitation. It meant I haven’t been sending my blog out into obscurity after all. I know my mom reads my posts, but I didn’t think anybody else did. Not only that, but it was a chance to talk about both book blogging and my own writing. It was exposure as a writer to an audience of readers. So I was thrilled. But I was also terrified. If you know me, you know I’m outgoing and there’s nothing I love more than good conversation. But there’s another person inside me too and, if we’re being honest, she’s pretty twitchy. She can overthink anything and public appearances totally freak her out. Not to mention the radio show was live! What if I froze or said something idiotic? What if I accidentally dropped the F-bomb on public radio? But I’m better and braver than my fear. I said yes. And you know what? I had an F-bomb blast. I hope you do too. Here’s the link for your listening pleasure!

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