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The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion

Curling up with this charmingly offbeat romcom is the perfect way to bring in spring! While it has all the light and feel-goodness of a traditional romance, its fresh voice and quirky characters make it an entirely unique read.

Meet Don Tillman: Australian professor of genetics, highly meticulous and analytical, and socially a bit out of step. It is unconfirmed, yet suggested in the book that he lives with Asperger syndrome and he’s always struggled with social norms, which has made forging and maintaining relationships difficult. In fact, he can count the number of friends he has ever had on one hand. Because of this, he had all but surrendered to the idea that he would never find a wife. But when one of his few friends says he would make an excellent husband one day, Don decides to give it a go. After all, he is a man of facts and numbers. In all probability, there is indeed a woman out there who is a perfect match for him.

Don embarks on The Wife Project, a highly organized process to find his perfect soul mate, someone who can match him in everything from hygiene to punctuality. So when Rosie Jarman – an unconventional, spontaneous, and independent woman – enters his office one day, Don is not interested. But neither is she. She does, however, need a genetics expert to help her find her biological dad and for reasons he cannot fathom, Don agrees. As the unlikely pair is thrust into their delightfully zany mission, it is impossible not to happily follow along. The Rosie Project is a fun, breezy, and charming read that keeps you grinning as you turn the pages.



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